Why Choose Hello Baby Studios?

Perhaps you're wondering why you should choose Nichole and the Hello Baby Studios team. I'd love the opportunity to take a few moments to share with you what sets our Studio and Team apart. In an age where we can easily take photos on our phones and probably have at least one friend that is good at using their camera, it may feel like it's unnecessary to hire a professional photographer and thereby pay their professional prices. 

As a Professional Maternity, Newborn and Baby photographer serving the McAllen area, I take great pride in doing so much more than just taking pictures...I capture and create Artwork of the little One you love so much. Your journey into motherhood and your baby's story is an amazing one and deserves to be remembered in a timeless and high quality way. 

We are an Luxury Boutique Studio and our goal is to ensure your entire experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We do this through amazing customer service, a cozy and welcoming studio, high quality prints and products, personalized styling and consistently gorgeous portraits. We take great strides in crafting a Superior Photography Experience for you from the moment you first visit our Website or Inquire about a Session all the way through to when your final prints and products are delivered into your hands to be cherished and adored. 

Every now and then, I hear, “All you do is push the button on the camera—why does your service cost so much?” or “my friend has a nice camera and can take pictures for less.” Like all quality products or services out there, good photography is expensive because it is not easy to create. And Bad photography is even more expensive because if you're not happy with your photos or experience, you have wasted your time, money and memories.

Allow me, to break down what is provided when you choose Hello Baby Studios. 

When you commission a professional photographer you are paying for their expertise, talent, and time to ensure that your images will be captured perfectly and professionally…the first time.


Besides the time working during the session, there is an additional minimum of 10+ hours of behind-the-scenes work that the client does not see—here is a general breakdown of my time per newborn session:

1-2 hours: Pre-Session planning and client management process. 

1 hour: Set up the studio

3 – 5 hours: Session time (includes the possibility of reshoot in case the baby/sibling is uncooperative)

4-6 hours: Upload and back up photos. Cull and edit photos (color correction, skin retouching, final editing). Photoshop Magic (used for technically challenging poses, family shots when siblings are involved or someone blinks). 

3 – 4 hours: Set up the online gallery. Social Sharing of Sneak Peeks and Blog Post. Process images for delivery and print and product ordering and delivery. 

As you can see, the time spent for one session can range from 10-20 hours. Professional Photography is time and labor-intensive and involves so much more than just taking pictures. 


Newborn and Baby Photography is a speciality that not just any photographer can do. This speciality demands that the person you've chosen to work with your most cherished love is someone who has a gift and special touch with babies but also the creative and technical skill as a photographer. You need to be able to trust that your photographer knows how to hold, soothe and pose a baby safety. It is our utmost priority that your newborn and baby are safe and secure at all times. We will never compromise their safety in oder to get a picture. Babies rarely make a peep during their sessions because I am skilled at working with newborns in such a way that keeps them happy and content throughout their whole session. Most parents expect a lot of crying at their newborn session and I love surprising parents with how calm and quiet their newborn is...so much so that I am daily called The Baby Whisperer!


To ensure you receive the highest quality professional images, I use more than $25,000 worth of professional-grade equipment, such as cameras, lenses, studio lighting, computers and software. I also have an entire prop room that is stocked with over $10,000 worth of quality props such as blankets, hats, headbands, crates and buckets to ensure a wide variety of beautiful set-ups to suit your style. Our Studio is open daily for you to stop by and visit!


There is a reason people choose to hire the "Professionals" in any field. They want to know that they are getting the best! Photography is no different. You should never compromise quality and experience for the cheapest route...because ultimately you get what you pay for. Professional photographers will know exactly how to capture the very best images. Not only do they know how to use their camera to get the proper exposure, focus and composition, they also know how to light and pose their clients properly. They have the ‘eye’ to compose distinctive images and enhance them with a professional photo-editing software. As a professional photographer, I know the importance of my job in capturing quality images for you and therefore commit thousands of dollars and countless of hours in continuing education to perfect my craft. 


One way to differentiate an amateur from a professional is the consistency of their work. An amateur photographer’s portfolio may show nice images, but those images are a compilation of one or two good images from many sessions. The professional will show quality images consistently in both their portfolio AND recent work on their blog. If you hire an amateur to shoot your session, you accept the risk that there may only be one or two good images from your session vs. the 20-30 great images that I will provide in your gallery. When you hire me, you buy the assurance that your images will be high quality and the peace of mind that your special moment is captured perfectly before it is lost in time. In addition to the Blog, I am happy to provide you with examples of a full gallery of consistently gorgeous art. 

Thank you for taking the time to read over what sets Hello Baby Studios a part in a sea of hobbyist photographers. In conclusion, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true. I hope you can see the value of hiring me, a true professional who focuses on quality rather than hiring a photographer based on price alone.